Ready to go off the beaten path? Our new Adventure Expedition is a unique experience like no other. For the adventure minded, this is an opportunity to explore more of the cave with an off path journey to two new rooms revealing additional formations inaccessible on a standard tour. Be prepared to crawl through some narrow passages and possibly get a little dirty. A helmet, knee and elbow pads will be provided.


Adults: $30  |  Youth (8-12): $25 
The Adventure Expedition is about 90 minutes long.
Participants must be age 8 or older.

Our first Adventure Expedition begins on June 12. 2021 at 6PM.
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Adventure Tour Facts
What do I need to wear?
We recommend old long pants and a long sleeve shirt that you can easily move in, as well as closed toe shoes – ideally boots. If you have long hair, you may want to put it up. Near the end of the activity, you will be crawling upward through a relatively narrow passage and should expect to get dirty. Your hands will be touching wet and muddy surfaces, so if you want to bring a light pair of gloves that can get dirty, they may be useful as well.

What should I expect on the Adventure Expedition?
The Expedition is conducted without interior lighting in the cave - you will be using a headlamp to light your way, you will also have access to a blacklight flashlight for one portion of the Expedition. You will be walking on smooth paved pathways and off-path on gravel, climbing structured and unstructured stairs, using occasional rock grabs on walls, crawling through a relatively narrow passage under a rock formation, while learning about current and historical cave exploration. You will be provided with a helmet, headlamp, knee pads and elbow pads to use during the Expedition.

How long is the Adventure Expedition?
The total length of the Expedition is an hour and a half, including your gear-up time before the activity as well as the walk to and from the cave. This also includes a safety briefing that will occur in the cave. We recommend participants use the restroom in the Visitor Center before the Expedition.

Why is the Adventure Expedition limited to 8 people?
In a word – safety. Participants will be navigating pathways, steps and a short crawl in the dark with just a headlight to see the way. The Guide must be able to safely oversee all participants at all times. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and engaged while participating in the Expedition

Can I bring my own caving equipment?
If you have a sturdy caving helmet with an attached headlamp, you are able to bring and use that.

Will I need to sign some sort of waiver?
Yes, all participants will need to sign a waiver prior to participating in the Expedition. This activity is off-path in several areas and does pose more of a safety risk than our other activities. Participation is at your own risk.

What level of fitness is required?
The Expedition is moderately challenging, so participants should be in good health – able to walk, climb, and lift themselves with a wall grab if necessary. People who cannot easily walk, or who have a fear of the dark or closed spaces will likely not be comfortable on this activity.

What can I bring with me on the Adventure Expedition?
We recommend not bringing anything that requires your hands to hold. If you choose to bring your phone or a camera, it must be able to be safety stored in a zipped pocket. You will need your hands free to help you maneuver through several passages. Your belongings may be safely stored in the Visitor Center or you may want to consider leaving them in your vehicle.