Experience the wide array of colors that are only visible using a long-wave black-light. Witness how the fluorescent glow lingers on certain minerals, and find the Whales Rib CageTwin VolcanoesGiants Arm, & the Fairy Ice Garden.

Your tour guide will provide you with a handheld black-light, your caving helmet & protective glasses. Then journey with them as they lead you through the darkened cave, pointing out unique fluorescent minerals & explaining the science of fluorescence.


Adults: $24 | Youth (8-12): $12

Seniors: $20 | Military: $20

Due to safety concerns, children under the age of 8 are not allowed to participate.

This is truly a memorable experience -- the only black-light cave adventure in the lake area and one of just a few nationally. Reserve your spot now by purchasing tickets online today!

All tour tickets must be booked in advance.