Casey and Molli | May 2, 2021

Normally we turn off the lights in the cave at Stark Caverns for a few moments during a tour to let visitors experience total darkness but this time was very special; this time Casey was getting down on one knee in the darkness and carefully taking out an engagement ring to propose to the love of his life.

As the lights came back on, joyful tears began rolling down Molli’s face as she realized what was happening. Her reply to Casey, Yes! As they both embraced you could feel the love in the air, the type of beautiful moment that makes you believe in true love.

Hidden in the corner of the cave we prepared a gift of champagne, flowers, and chocolate for this beautiful couple. Together they filled their glasses for a celebratory toast in a location unlike any other, this truly was a special moment we won’t soon forget here at Stark Caverns.

Casey and Molli met at a youth camp as teens and the couple started dating in December of 2019. When Casey called us at Stark Caverns to help him plan this day, we knew that the caverns would be the perfect romantic backdrop for this type of occasion. We carefully constructed a strategy to follow along during their private tour to get a few cave photos for “advertising purposes”, instead we were actually capturing some stunning engagement photos, our gift to the newly engaged couple. Casey and Molli, may your engagement be the beginning of a lifetime of love and happiness, best wishes from all of us at Stark Caverns!