There have been legends in the Ozarks for hundreds of years about a bear-sized beast with glowing red eyes and an eerie bone-chilling Howl.

Stark Caverns seized upon the legend to develop this year’s Ghost Walk – The Howler’s Lair. Drawing from both Ozark folklore and Stark Caverns storied history, we have created a suspenseful interactive “tour” that reimagines local history with the Ozark Howler as the centerpiece. You and your tour companions will work together to find and then escape from the Ozark Howler who is believed to have a lair in Stark Caverns. You will not want to miss this unique adventure. Reserve your spot now by purchasing tickets online today.


Adults: $26 | Youth (8-12): $13

Seniors: $24 | Military: $24

Private Group Rates are available for a $240 flat fee for parties of 10 or less. Reservations are required by phone or email at least two days in advance.

This tour is family-friendly but not suitable for children under the age of 8.

The strobe lights, loud sound effects, and sudden noises experienced during this tour may make it unsuitable for individuals with certain medical conditions.

All tour tickets must be booked in advance.