A Unique Experience

Tour Details

Experience the world of fluorescent minerals with this unique guided tour. The calcite in the cave creates some extraordinary effects you don't want to miss.  

Experience the wide array of colors that are only visible using a long-wave black-light. Witness how the fluorescent glow lingers on certain minerals, and find the Whales Rib Cage, Twin Volcanoes, Giants Arm, & the Fairy Ice Garden.

Your tour guide will provide you with a handheld black-light, your caving helmet & protective glasses. Then journey with them as they lead you through the darkened cave, pointing out unique fluorescent minerals & explaining the science of fluorescence.

Tickets for the Black Light Tour must be purchased in advance online. During the check out process, if available, guests will also also have the option to purchase the entire tour time as a private group tour.

Online Bookings ONLY - Must Book 3 Hours in Advance!

This tour is open to ages 8 and older.
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For your safety...

For the Black Light Tour, our commercial cave lighting will be turned off to provide a fully immersive experience in the natural cave darkness. Each guests will have their very own black light, UV safety Glasses and a Stark Caverns hard hat to protect your from a bump on the head in some of our tighter passage areas. 


All guests are required to wear a hard hat and safety glasses on this tour. Failure to comply may result in dismissal from the cave tour without a refund. 

Black Light Tour Pricing

Adult (12 & Up)

Youth (8-12)

Child (0-7)

Group rates are available for groups of 15 or more paid participants, not including children. A 25% discount will be applied 
*Reservations and full payment for the entire group must be made in a single payment at least four hours in advance to qualify for the group rate.
Open to all ages, our caverns are 85% wheelchair accessible with wide walking paths and areas to rest. Open year round, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.


Here are a few answers to Frequently Asked Questions...

What is "Black Light"?

A black light is a lamp that emits ultraviolet light. Black lights also are known as ultraviolet lamps, UV-A light, and Wood's lamp. The name "Wood's lamp" honors Robert Williams Wood, the inventor of glass UV filters. Nearly all of the light of good black light should be in the UV portion of the spectrum, with very little visible light.

If you turn on a black light bulb in a dark room, what you can see from the bulb is a purplish glow. What you cannot see is the ultraviolet light that the bulb is also producing.

Our eye can see visible light in a spectrum ranging from red through orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Above violet is ultraviolet light, which we cannot see.

What can I expect on the Black Light Tour?

At check-in, you will join your tour guide in the visitor center where you will receive your hard hat, UV protective safety glasses, and a handheld black light. Your guide will then lead your group to the cavern where they will do a safety briefing and then enter the cave to begin the tour.

Is it dark?

Yes, we will turn off all commerical cave lighting to provide a fully immersive experience. Don't worry...your friendly & experienced guide will ensure you are safe and will point out formations and minerals along the tour path.

Are the caverns handicap accessible?

Stark Caverns are partially handicap accessible. Daily tours are one-hour long and require you to walk approximately three-fourths of a mile. Wheelchairs can manage 85% of the pathways in the caverns. The other 15% are at the far end of the caverns and there are waiting areas.

How long does it take to visit the caverns?

The black light tour is approximately one-hour long. We welcome you to stay longer and enjoy our Visitor's Center. Pan for gems or fossils at our sluice, crack open a geode, shop for unique souvenirs and gifts, walk the grounds or enjoy a picnic in one of our two picnic areas.

Can I bring my pet?

No. The only pets allowed in the buildings are service animals. Please plan accordingly and never leave your pets in a hot vehicle.

What should I wear for my tour?

Wear comfortable clothing such as jeans or shorts and a t-shirt, and close-toed shoes with good traction – tennis shoes or hiking boots are ideal. Bring a light jacket or sweater – the caverns are a constant 57-58 degrees year-round.

Can I take pictures in the caverns?

Yes. You can take pictures of everything except for the Native American Artifacts. We do ask that you not use a flash when photographing cave wildlife (like salamanders or crayfish), to avoid disturbing them.

Does the outside weather affect the caverns?

Stark Caverns is a constant 57-58 degrees year-round in the deepest part of our cavern, but heavy rain increases the water flow inside the caverns and increases your likelihood of getting dripped on (cavern kisses) during the tour. Our Ballroom (Area for events & camping) is located a few hundred feet from the large, open air entrance of our cave, which does affect the temperature of the cave during Winter months. Plan to dress warm or in layers when enjoying a cave tour in colder months. Snow doesn’t affect the interior of the caverns, but may make road conditions getting to the caverns unsafe. You may want to call the caverns before you visit if there are extreme weather conditions.