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Do you love escape rooms? Ever played inside an actual cave? Here is your chance.

Family legend says that Great Grandpappy made a fortune selling moonshine before he disappeared. You are all the family that he has left, and you’ve never seen anything to indicate this is true, until….

A letter has arrived from the far-off tropics. Great Grandpappy has has left you the secret to his success, the family recipe and tickets to the tropical location where it is legal to make moonshine. Never much of a trusting man, he didn’t write the recipe down, but left clues hidden inside Stark Caverns where where he used to make his ‘shine.

Now you have 60-minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and locate the recipe before the revenuers arrive.

*If you have booked an Escape Room at Stark Caverns, please be aware that we reserve the right to cancel the booking if less than 4 people have booked for the same time period. Your money will be fully refunded and will contact you using the phone number and email you provided in the reservation.

Escape Room Pricing

Private Group Flat Rate
Group of 4 to 10 players

Fun for all ages, Stark Cavern's famous escape room aka "Bootleggers Bequest", is an exciting way to enjoy your time at Lake of the Ozarks. Perfect for family night, parties, getaway weekends, and a night out with friends. The history of Stark Caverns comes to life as you search for long-lost Grandpappy’s secret moonshine recipe inside the 60-minutes before the “revenuers” arrive. Get your tickets now at

NOW AVAILABLE YEAR-ROUND! We have moved the escape room location deeper within the cavern during winter months (Dec-Mar) where temps are 57F year-round. You will experience more of the cave too! 

This slot is available for private groups with 4-10 participants for one flat rate. A minimum of four participants are required with a maximum of 10 in order to provide the best experience. Tickets for this tour must be purchased in advance online. It is recommended that participants be 10 years or older.



Here are a few answers to Frequently Asked Questions...

What Is An Escape Room?

An escape room is like a board game come to life. In a themed setting, your team will work together to search for clues to solve puzzles and escape the room inside 60-minutes. Puzzles may include deducing codes, deciphering messages, and applying physics. Your game guide can also help with a clue or two if you get stumped.

Is It Scary?

Not at all. The cave is well lit and a game guide will be with you at all times. Stark Caverns is wide and high so there is plenty of room to play. Our themes are designed to be fun, based on historical uses of the cave and the surrounding area.

Will We Be Physically Locked In?

For the safety and enjoyment of all players, a participant may exit the escape game at any time. However, the clock does not stop, and re-entry may be limited.

Are the caverns handicap accessible?

Stark Caverns are partially handicap accessible. Daily tours are one-hour long and require you to walk approximately three-fourths of a mile. Wheelchairs can manage 85% of the pathways in the caverns. The other 15% are at the far end of the caverns and there are waiting areas.

Can I bring my pet?

No. The only pets allowed in the buildings are service animals. Please plan accordingly and never leave your pets in a hot vehicle.

Can I take pictures in the caverns?

No. Cameras & Cell Phones are not permitted to be used during the Escape Room. You will have an opportunity to take a group photo after completing the Escape Room. 

Does the outside weather affect the caverns?

Stark Caverns is a constant 57-58 degrees year-round in the deepest part of our cavern, but heavy rain increases the water flow inside the caverns and increases your likelihood of getting dripped on (cavern kisses) during the tour. Our Ballroom (Area for events & camping) is located a few hundred feet from the large, open air entrance of our cave, which does affect the temperature of the cave during Winter months. Plan to dress warm or in layers when enjoying a cave tour in colder months. Snow doesn’t affect the interior of the caverns, but may make road conditions getting to the caverns unsafe. You may want to call the caverns before you visit if there are extreme weather conditions.

How Do You Play?

As a group, search the room’s contents for clues. Not every single thing in the room is a puzzle or a clue, some are just props. It will be up to your team to determine how to solve each puzzle or unlock each lock. There is no need to use force or brute strength when attempting to solve puzzles. Cave Escape requires brain rather than brawn. As you find clues, which may include keys, puzzle pieces, documents, and more, be sure to lay them out on a table or other surface and make sure that all team members are aware of them.

How Many People Can Play?

Each room is designed to allow up to 10 players.  Cave Escape is meant to be fully immersive, and using everyone’s ideas and problem-solving skills will help you beat the clock and escape.

What Ages Can Play Cave Escape?

While Stark Caverns welcomes players of all ages, the games are designed for players ages 10 and older. However, don’t underestimate younger players – you never know when their creative thinking may come in handy. If your party includes very young players, you may want to reserve the entire room for your exclusive use. Players under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

How Is Playing In A Cave Different?

An escape room inside a cave is even more immersive because the setting is real. You will be playing the game inside a living cave with an active ecosystem. Not only that, but our themes are built on historical uses of the cave and/or the history of the surrounding area. Stark Caverns offers the only escape room inside a cave available in the United States.

To protect the natural resources of the cave, all clues are located at eye level or lower so there is no need to climb or stand on anything. Likewise, no clues are located in the dirt, walls, or natural waterways, so there is no reason to pry dig or damage to access clues. Areas that are out-of-bounds will be roped off. Please don’t touch the cave walls or formations, as the oils on your hands will stop their natural growth and cause permanent damage. Clues are not hidden inside cave walls or formations.


What Time Should My Group Arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking to allow time enough to park, check-in, use the restroom, and sign your participation waiver. We do run on a schedule, and if someone in your group is running late, they will be allowed to join you, but the game will start on time. Think in terms of theater tickets, not dinner reservations.

Is Advanced Booking Necessary?

Yes! Rooms fill up fast, and due to scheduling, your tickets must be booked in advance online by clicking the link below.